July 25, 2003

A Place for Feedings, Stories, Late Nights and Bonding

"Just one test glide and you'll know!" is what the Dutailier web site touts. They aren't kidding either.

Unfortunately, month after month we delayed the decision to put in our order for a glider and ottoman. There was sense of guilt for such a superfluous purchase. We...okay I...questioned whether the money would be better spent on Kate's college education or a down payment on her first car. But, after some real life contemplation, we finally put in our order last weekend.

We realized it might be stupid and a little too frugal for us not to make this "investment." Our glider would potentially provide a comfortable place for feedings and storytimes and long, late nights. Not only would Kate enjoy the quality time we would share bonding in this chair, but so would we. Who knows. Maybe the three of us will create such a history in this little chair that it will earn its place in the Smithsonian next to Archie's armchair

Now we wait 6 to 16 weeks for our delivery. Too bad too because my achy back and swollen tootsies could probably use a little bit of Dutailier comfort in the evenings.

Pictured above: The Dutailier glider model we ordered for baby Kate's room. Although we selected a neutral fabric for the glider cushions, it's a little darker than the fabric pictured. Two words: stain control. (Note: Since no flash photography is permitted inside this particular retail location, these images were obtained covertly by 007 Ken and his Nokia 3650).
Posted by Jean-Marie at July 25, 2003 11:39 PM
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