September 05, 2003

Doctor Doctor Give Us The News

This past Tuesday we had our regular doctor's appointment with a bunch of new developments to report, especially for those of you participating in the guess Kate's weight, height and birth date contest. After failing another glucose test the doctor decided it was time to send me to a diabetic counselor so I could learn to more closely monitor my sugar levels as well as my diet. This discussion also took us down the path of Kate's potential for high birth weight as it relates to gestational diabetes. And after I mentioned all of the comments I regularly receive from the armchair obstetricians about how big I am, he pulled out his little tape measure and concurred. As a precautionary measure he order a sonogram to see how little Kate is doing.

Today I had the sonogram and it was what we had suspected. Our little Kate is our pudgy little Kate. She's currently weighing in at 6lbs. 6oz., which means she's about 2 weeks and a few days ahead of the norm. The other reason why I am so seemingly large is because I also found out that I have polyhydramnios, an excess of amniotic fluid. It could be nothing or it could be something, which is why the doctor will be closely monitoring my size with frequent sonograms. Take what you want from this information but I'm guessing she's going to make her way into this world a little earlier than suspected. We're scheduled to have another sonogram in 2 weeks to determine her size and the amount of amniotic fluid again then.

Although you can't see it in this ultrasound picture, the tech also said that our little Kate has lots of hair. I guess that old wives tale about the heartburn IS true. With the frequency and potency of my indigestion, I'm expecting a baby Sasquatch to tumble out.

Posted by Jean-Marie at September 5, 2003 04:14 PM
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