September 14, 2003

False Alarm For Ken

Leg cramps at night are not uncommon for pregnant women. I've had quite a few in the past several months. But none can compare to the one I had last night in the middle of the night in my right calf muscle. Generally, I can flex my leg and then climb out of bed to walk it off. Last night, though, I was on my side facing toward the inside of the bed and the leg that was cramping was the bottom leg. Now that I'm so large it takes quite a bit for me to roll over and climb out of bed. Tried as I might, it wasn't working.

So I started howling and calling Ken for help. I told him I was having a cramp in my calf and asked if he could help me flex it and rub it for me. He got the flexing part right but then he started rubbing my thigh. "No, my calf Ken." Then he rubbed my hamstring. "No, my calf Ken." I think he may have even followed with my knee and my foot. I couldn't help but start laughing. Then he started laughing. Finally I just asked him to help me roll out of bed so I could walk off whatever cramp was left and take a regular middle of the night bathroom break.

This morning when I woke up I asked him what the deal was. Why did he rub every leg muscle but the one that was in so much pain? He said that when I woke him up howling and calling his name he thought I was in labor and he starting going through the hospital checklist in his mind. Now that I know he has a hard time finding my calf from his elbow while he's half asleep, I'm thinking I may want to type up the list and put it on his bedstand. It might even be smart to put "Jean-Marie" as one of the items that needs to be packed in the car, just in case.

Posted by Jean-Marie at September 14, 2003 09:50 PM
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