September 13, 2003

If I had a hammer... I'd hammer in the morning... I'd hammer in the evening

Okay, so this did not even require use of a hammer to assemble, but the changing table is finished. Jean-Marie caught me mid-installation with this action-shot (this is about as much action as you are going to get when putting together a changing table). The drawer sticks a little bit when you open and close it, but we are hoping that it will wear itself in with daily use.

The car seat did not require any assembly, but we were quite stumped how a baby actually fits into the darn thing. There are all sorts of straps and pads -- and all I could think about was how uncomfortable it would be to wrangle an infant into place. I'm sure all will become clear when Kate is here, but in the meantime, you can see the car seat in the vehicle with our Winnie-The-Pooh-Placeholder-Baby :)
Posted by Ken at September 13, 2003 08:21 PM
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