September 15, 2003

Is Kate's Arrival Predicted In The Stars?

Every Monday Ken forwards to me my horoscope for that week. This week's had me busting out laughing. The planets are urging me to express my new, bigger, and much bolder ways. And, I have an even better chance of finding my feet this week. Since losing sight of my feet months ago as my belly grew and grew, there's only one way "finding my feet" is now physically possible.

Should I be taking this potential forecast of Kate's arrival a little more seriously?!? Only time will tell.

Greetings Taurus. Here is your horoscope for the week of September 15th through September 21st:
You continue to feel in top form, and full of the potential that is urging you to express yourself in new, bigger, and much bolder ways. Jupiter in Virgo is fabulous for giving you that extra inch of enthusiasm with which to fulfill your dreams. You have an even better chance of finding your feet this week as Mercury the planet of commerce and communications begins to move forward once again. Whereas you may have felt as though you were on shaky ground, from now on each step will feel a lot more firm.

Posted by Jean-Marie at September 15, 2003 11:14 AM
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