September 20, 2003

Car seat inspection

Saturday's car inspection was one of those times I was kicking myself afterwards for not taking pictures during 'the event.' Whether you had your car seat installed or not, it appeared the inspectors had a 'system' they followed. Thus, they wanted to pull the car seat out completely and start over again.

Easier said than done. I had the seat so firmly (securely) installed into the back seat they could not get it out. Two inspectors wrestled with it, and 15 minutes and two broken nails later the seat was wrangled free. Despite having a car seat with an adjustable leveler built into the base, the inspectors opted to use cut pieces of foam pool tubes to make sure the seat was properly leveled horizontally. Overall, the process took 20 minutes; it was free; and now we know without a doubt it's installed correctly.

If anyone in the South Florida area is looking to take advantage of this free child seat inspection process, locations can be found by visiting the NHTSA web site. I would highly recommend it.
Posted by Ken at September 20, 2003 02:25 PM
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