October 02, 2003

Cosmic Coincidence

A few weeks ago I joked about my horoscope that alluded to the arrival of Kate that week. Well this week I have a real star-crossed story to tell. For about the past month or so Ken has been working on trading in his old car for a new one. Finally he decided on a car, and the salesperson who helped him with his decision mentioned early on in the process that his daughter Kelly was also pregnant with an induction scheduled in the near future. While we were working on the final paperwork for Ken's car, I asked the salesperson a few question about his daughter's upcoming delivery. Next thing I knew he had me on his mobile phone with his wife Karen, the soon-to-be-grand mom.

So, what do you say to these cosmic coincidences?
  • Kelly has the same OB as I do and we are delivering in the same hospital.
  • We are both expecting girls. (but I forgot to ask what they will be naming her)
  • Although Kelly is due on the 7th and I am due on the 13th, we are both being induced on the 7th. She will be there at 2 am and I will be there at 5 am.
  • Karen's (Kelly's mom) birthday is October 7th, which, if everything goes as planned, will be their baby's and Kate's birthday.
  • Kelly and I have the same birthday, May 20th.
Ken says that the coincidence that Kelly and I share the same birthday is not that amazing, but with everything else considered it's quite a remarkable occurrence.

Posted by Jean-Marie at October 2, 2003 12:58 AM
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