October 07, 2003

Waiting in Hospital

We made it to the hospital about 30 minutes late... I dropped Jean-Marie off in the front, parked the car, and by the time I entered the hospital she was already being signed in at labor and delivery. Today is a "slow baby day" at the hospital so there are plenty of private rooms available (originally a concern), but we will have to wait about 30 minutes past our scheduled 10am appointment since another delivery is running late. Jean-Marie is getting a little fidgety, but hopefully we'll be on our way soon.

They had me put on scrubs, but apparently they do not make them in my size... I'm wearing a scrub-gown and was already teased by a nurse on how cute I look in a "dress". Lovely :)
Posted by Ken at October 7, 2003 10:43 AM
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