October 09, 2003

Only One More Day to Go

Mom is doing better today and is walking more. The nurses are very happy with her progress considering she just had surgery. Mom had one high temperature reading but the rest were fine.

Kate has a voracious appetite feeding sometimes as long as an hour in one sitting. Breastfeeding has been very tough since Kate does not have a wide mouth and doesn't always 'latch' on properly.

The hospital has a relationship with a professional photographer to offer parents the option of getting newborn photos to send to friends and family. We met with the photographer and decided it was best to get the photos rather than look back and kick ourselves for not having them done. We dressed Kate up in her "going-home" outfit and they took the photographs right in our room on a "mobile studio." Kate absolutely *hates* the flash from a camera, so she was not a happy camper. Jean-Marie and I still have to figure out what photo package we want to order.

Tomorrow we are scheduled to leave the hospital. It's been great having the ability to ask the occasional question to ease our minds, but both of us have been staying (trapped) here in this hospital room for the last 2 days and really want to go home.
Posted by Ken at October 9, 2003 11:12 PM
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