October 12, 2003

Arrived Home

We arrived home very late today. Getting out of the hospital was a slow process -- we had no sleep last night and it took some time to get moving. I made 4 trips down to the car to pack up all our belongings and gifts before bringing Kate and mom down. When we were packing for the hospital we "overpacked" in the event we needed more clothes -- it was good we did, because of having to stay the extra day.

The drive home was great -- Kate slept the entire time and we were even able to stop off at a drug store to try and fill Jean-Marie's prescription without waking Kate up. Unfortunately, they did not have all the medication available so I opted to head out later to fill it.

Let's just say things did not work out as hoped when we finally made it home. Kate needed feeding and started crying; some baby-related items I thought we wouldn't use actually became required with some last-minute assembly; the dinner we bought was cold by the time we ate it; Jean-Marie developed a fever; we found other house-prep items needing "quick-fixes" now that Kate is home; and we still didn't have the antibiotic prescription filled the hospital prescribed. I ended up filling the prescription at 2am and am only now getting to sleep. With the hour or so sleep from the night before, this day totally wore us out.

The good news is that we are (finally) in the comfort of our own home with baby Kate and look forward to starting fresh tomorrow.
Posted by Ken at October 12, 2003 03:14 AM
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