October 14, 2003

Saturday's Going Home Photos

Jean-Marie and I took photos of our entire going-home process this past Saturday and I only now had the opportunity to download the photos off the camera.

Saturday started early when Dr. Parl came in to check and discharge Jean-Marie. Part of his visit involved removing Jean-Marie's staples from her surgery -- which went surprisingly smooth, fast and painless. Dr. Parl delivered Kate, and since we did not get to take any photos in the delivery room, he was kind enough to pause for a photo before we left the hospital.

After Dr. Parl left us, Jean-Marie and I were left packing up the room and getting ready to leave. The final step was to "pack" Kate up. We put Kate into her "going home" outfit and shortly thereafter she feel asleep. Jean-Marie and I were very jealous because we were so tired, but Kate was so cute that it was worth staying awake ;-)
... and here she is all cozy in the carseat waiting to be put into the car.

At the house, Kate was given a quick tour and we placed her into her crib. These pictures were taken within minutes of her laying down (We did not want to disturb her so no flash was used which caused the reddish tint. The object above her in the last 2 photos is Kate's CribCam).

Posted by Ken at October 14, 2003 10:27 PM
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A beautiful baby with the most loving parents beginning a journey through life in happiness. Your family and friends support you in all that you may need to achieve your goals as a family. Posted by: Nana Carol at October 15, 2003 11:17 AM
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