October 17, 2003

Results of Guessing Kate's Arrival, Weight and Height

The results for Kate's 'guessing game' are in. Many of you did very well guessing either her weight, height or due date, but no one picked all three exactly.
Some of you jumped in at the last minute (after Kate's announcement was sent out) and either added or updated your guess. I took this into account so those of you who had a longer-standing guess were ranked higher than those who guessed more recently.

Without further ado, here are the results:

  1. Nana Carol
  2. Genie Strong
  3. Karen Charlap
  4. Ralph Morales
  5. Alyson Wellens
  6. Paul Fochtman
  1. Sean Flynn
  2. Paul Fochtman
  1. Kevin Maier
  2. Alyson Wellens
  1. Sean Flynn

(closest guesses to height, weight and date with preference given to those who had longer-standing guesses)
  1. Sean Flynn
  2. Kristen Premer
  3. Nana Carol
  4. Kate's Dad
  5. Terri Bridgwater
  6. Kate's Mom
  7. Barri Wells
  8. Sandy
  9. Ralph Morales
  10. Connie
  11. Johnny Teti
  12. Cisar
  13. B Keesler
  14. Monika Maier
  15. Karen Charlap
  16. Nuvia
  17. Christina Lombardo
  18. Mark Bridgwater
  19. Greg Redmond
  20. Genie Strong
  21. Jerri Torres
  22. Sergio Sanchez
  23. Suzy Butler
  24. Kevin maier
  25. Joey
  26. Paul Fochtman
  27. Keith
  28. Chris P.(Supa Fly)
  29. Alyson Wellens
Posted by Ken at October 17, 2003 11:43 AM
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