October 29, 2003

Splish Splash

Last night Kate got her very first tub bath. At first she really, really enjoyed it (as you can see from her pictures). After too long though, she was ready to get out. She calmed down again once we got her all cozy in a warm, dry towel.

Keeping Kate's skin clean, cool and dry has become of more importance this week than ever before because of a recent outbreak of baby acne. Like the linked article says, the bumps aren't very attractive. Unfortunately there's not much more we can do other than ride it out. Better now than at puberty…finger's crossed!

This wasn't Kate's very first bathing experience. Until now, we had been giving her sponge baths. Her first one was October 16 and of course we took pictures. ;-) Like with the tub bath, Kate was mixed with emotions. By the time we had her dried and dressed, she was happy and making faces with dad.

Posted by Jean-Marie at October 29, 2003 10:48 PM
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She looks exactly like her Daddy. Look how she looks at him. Such a beautiful baby! Posted by: Nana Carol at October 30, 2003 12:22 AM
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