November 10, 2003

Operation: Spoon Full of Sugar

Today was a very traumatic day. Kate got her first shot -- a hepatitis B vaccine -- at her one-month doctor appointment. Okay, so maybe she got a shot or two in the hospital but now she was completely in our care. This simple detail is a big difference, because Ken and I are now co-conspirators in bringing Kate to a place where she would receive something that would arouse unhappy emotions.

We think Kate was on to our master plan because she was extremely uneasy in the waiting room. Her baby acne even began to flare up, as it does anytime she gets hot or bothered. Since she generally doesn't cry or fuss too much, this was very much unlike her usual demeanor. Perhaps she could smell our fear. :-) We tried to settled her down by taking turns holding her and walking her around the room. It helped a little but not much.

I think now might be a good time to mention that I couldn't even look while Kate got her shot. Ken had to do all of the dirty work. While I was sitting in a chair looking the other way and waiting for the cry, Ken was calmly talking to Kate with one arm across her body to keep her as still as possible.

Of course I didn't get off the hook completely in our co-conspiracy. I had another role in all of this -- the nurturer (a/k/a good cop). I was the luckier one in this plan of pain. I nursed Kate right after her shot to soothe her suffering and distress. Essentially, I was the spoon full of sugar that made the medicine go down.

Needless to say, our little plan went off without a hitch. By the time we were done nursing, the shot was a distant memory and our little Katie was ready for her late afternoon nap.

In other health news, the pediatrician said Kate is doing very well. She weighed in at 8 lbs., 12 oz. and measured 22 inches. Although she gained an inch this past month, she still hasn't quite reached her birth weight. The doctor didn't appear to be concerned though at all. And as usual Ken and I had a list of typed and printed questions for the doctor. We questioned everything, from Kate's crying during bowel movements to her complete displeasure of sleeping flat on her back in her bassinet or crib (which is why you rarely see her in her cribcam anymore). His answer to nearly everything was, "normal." Whew! We may not win Parents Of The Year but at least our kid is still normal. :-)

Next month Kate gets four shots, two in each leg. I hope I have enough time to prepare for this emotionally. What am I going to do when she gets old enough to really know what's going on? I've heard the screams...and I mean screams...of the older children getting shots in the other examination rooms. I don't like it one bit. Ken and I better start working on "Operation: ToysRUs" now.

Posted by Jean-Marie at November 10, 2003 08:11 PM
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