November 22, 2003

Fashion Faux Pas

I made my first of potentially many fashion faux pas today while dressing Kate. I picked items based on comfort rather than what matched. I think Kate looks good no matter what she has on, but looking back I have to admit the bright yellow sweatpants, blue socks and pink and white t-shirt I had on her was not the best choice (especially since she has such a nice selection of clothes). A quick change fixed this fashion mistake, but I'm afraid my fashion sense is beyond help. Thank goodness for Jean-Marie to keep us all looking our best!
Posted by Ken at November 22, 2003 01:05 PM
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This won't be the last time that Kate will wear mix and match. Wait until she is three and she insists on selecting her own wardrobe...Your clothes picks might not look so bad. Posted by: Nana Carol at November 24, 2003 07:38 AM
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