January 04, 2004

A (First) Walk In The Park

It was such a beautiful day in South Florida that the opportunity to have some fun outside was hard to pass up. So, we packed up the car and headed out for lunch at Quarterdeck Sawgrass. As the link suggests (although this review is for the Davie location), dining on the outdoor deck is "the thing." It was definitely a thing for us because Kate REALLY enjoyed the back and forth sway of the gliding picnic table. So much so that it made a good place for a lazy afternoon Kate-nap.

Next, we headed off to Welleby Park in Sunrise and took Kate for a nice little walk in her stroller. The part that Ken and I enjoyed most about our visit to the park was, of course, Kate. She was too funny being push around in her "carriage" while she leisurely reclined in her seat with her feet up on the handle bar. She was such a hoot! And it was lots of fun watching her look around at the beautiful outdoor scenery.

Although Kate is still too young, there is also a pristine children's playground at this park. It is a covered area; all of the equipment is like new; and the ground cover is rubberized. This may be a primo location for a first birthday party if weather will permit it. Regardless, the close-to-home location warrants several more play trips to come!
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 4, 2004 06:50 PM
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I was searching for something on the internet and came across Kate's page and took a look at it! She is just a doll! You should try going to www.ratemybabypics.com and make a screen name. i'm on there with kaitandliv. tell me if you do by emailing me! She is just to cute! sorry if you find this rude, not even knowing me. -Sara Posted by: Sara Caldwell at June 19, 2005 01:53 PM
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