January 13, 2004

Third Monthly Check-Up

Today was our regularly scheduled, monthly visit to the pediatrician's office. Luckily we only had one shot -- another hepatitis B vaccination. As always I was the one cowering in the corner while Kate took her shot like a big girl. Of course she cried, but quickly recuperated following a quick nursing. By the time dad was finished burping her, the pain from the shot was a distant memory.

This was our first time in Exam Room #1 and Kate was completely mesmerized by a picture of animals in the jungle. We think she was attracted to the shapes and colors in the picture. While we waited for the doctor, I pointed out each of the animals to her delight. And after being checked out and getting her shot she was all too happy to study the picture once again. (In the first picture below you can see the little band aid on Kate's thigh where she just got her shot.)

Dr. Sanchez said that Kate is doing "excellent." He said that she is what most women want to be: tall and thin. Today she weighed in at 12lbs 2oz (60th percentile) and 24-3/4" (95th percentile). One of our lengthiest discussions with the doctor today involved feedings. Although she is thin compared to her height, Kate is still doing well in the weight department, a big concern for me since she is 100% breastfed. I always want to make sure she is getting enough. Must be the Italian Mama in me.

Also on this same topic, we discussed feeding Kate solids, starting with rice cereal. As new parents, we are frequently asked the question when we will start feeding Kate solid food. Oftentimes it feels like more of a suggestion than a question. Considering Ken and I were both bottlefed and given solids within the first few months of birth, it almost sounds insane for Kate to wait the 4 to 6 months recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP). But Dr. Sanchez completely agrees to the wait and suggested to start solids some time in the fifth month. I guess our little Goldilocks has something to look forward to in about 2 more months.
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 13, 2004 09:13 PM
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There was a huge increase in Kate's development from the last doctor visit. I was amazed by her love of Art! There is no telling how and who it will pacify, however the when really counts. Posted by: Nana Carol at January 14, 2004 09:16 AM
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