March 20, 2004

Kate Rolls

This morning at about 10:30 a.m. Kate rolled over all by herself for the first time. Ken and Kate were playing on the floor. At first Kate was on her back; but then Ken turned her over for a little tummy time. While they were playing I was walking around the house doing a variety of things and all the while chatting away with Ken.

Coincidentally, I walked past the two of them on the floor to plug the digital camera battery into the wall to be charged. Midway I stopped in the doorway to finish my conversation with Ken. Kate, our little nosy body who always listens to our conversations, decided she couldn't see me well enough and pushed up to her side then proceeded to roll over. Ken had to clear the way for the roll.

I was a little slow with the camera. I guess I was overcome by excitement. But, at least I got a shot of Kate right after the roll. It's not the best picture but it definitely sums up the moment. Kate wasn't the least bit surprised or excited by her new skill. It was like she had been doing it for months. She couldn't even figure out why Ken and I were clapping and cheering. I guess she just chalked it up to another goofy mom and dad moment.
Posted by Jean-Marie at March 20, 2004 12:33 PM
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