May 26, 2004

In The Swing Of Things

Today was just one of those days where Kate was having a hard time napping. She got in 1-1/2 hours of nap time, tops. So this afternoon Kate and mom headed off to Welleby Park to wear Kate out a little bit more to ensure a better sleep tonight.

After walking the trail around the whole park (sometimes I wonder who we're really wearing out with these outings) we stopped at the playground to watch the kids play. Kate loves looking at kids. The loud, yelling little boys seemed to get her attention the most. She was quite intrigued when one little boy slid down the slide, landed right in front of us and declared he was wearing his swim trunks today. Kate thought he was talking to her. No doubt she would've loved to engage in some sort of conversation with him if he didn't scamper off after his declaration.

To finish off our park outing we tried out the playground's baby swing, even though Kate is probably a wee bit too small. The color of the pictures are a little funky because the playground has a big, green cover to shade the kids from the hot Florida sun.
Posted by Jean-Marie at May 26, 2004 07:55 PM
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