June 09, 2004

Quickie Doctor Visit

Although our next doctor's appointment was scheduled for next month we made a visit on Monday to talk to the doctor about Kate's recent constipation problem. Of course we made the appointment on Friday and the problem resolved itself over the weekend. Nonetheless, we took advantage of the visit anyway to find out what to do next time it happens. We had called last week and the nurse told us to give Kate a teaspoon of Karo dark syrup in her bottle. It sounded a little voodoo to us, but we tried it anyway. It didn't work, and neither did the water, pureed prunes, apple sauce, apple juice or prune juice. Or maybe they did work it just took a few days. The doctor later told us that the Karo Syrup only works on baby's 2 months old and younger. Who knew? Obviously not his nurse.

We also found out that Kate is now 27 inches long and 16lbs., 3oz. The doctor wasn't too concerned about her weight, but he thought she could stand to gain a few pounds. Therefore he recommended that we increase her caloric intake. We'll see how well we're doing at plumping her up at her next appointment.
Posted by Jean-Marie at June 9, 2004 08:57 PM
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Kate, You are getting more beautiful by the day. We can't wait for you, and mommy and daddy of course, to come out to California for a visit! We're getting settled in fine, and there's plenty of parks and fun stuff for you to do when you come out! Posted by: Robert & Jerri Torres at June 10, 2004 01:31 AM
Look at all that hair! How georgeous! Uncle Vince says, "It's time for spaghetti and meatballs!!!" Posted by: Christina at June 10, 2004 03:35 PM
Are you guys starving that poor child?? She should be a couple pounds heavier! You guys really need to get your acts together and feed that poor little girl!! (not being mean, i'm being informative) Posted by: janie at June 10, 2004 11:04 PM
Janie, Kate actually eats quite often and her weight is still within normal limits. Because she is exclusively breastfed, she cannot be measured on the same levels as babies fed artificial/processed baby formula. In fact, the weight charts many doctors use do not accurately portray the growth patterns of exclusively breastfed babies since they were primarily based on formula-fed babies. Alternate charts will be available in the next 2 years, but in the meantime many people mistakenly jump to the wrong conclusions about weight being an indicator of health. Not sure if you are aware of the differences between an exclusively breastfed baby and one that is fed artificial/processed baby formula... but, breastfed babies have weight gain that tapers off after 6 months and does not catch up to a formula-fed baby until they are about 2.5 years old. Here is some additional information for you: "Ask Dr. Sears: How much weight should I expect my breastfed baby to gain?" ( http://www.askdrsears.com/html/2/T023600.asp ), "Average Weight Gain For Breastfed Babies" ( http://www.kellymom.com/babyconcerns/growth/weight-gain.html ), "Weight Gain, Slow from "The Nursing Mother's Problem Solver" by Claire Martin", ( http://www.pediatricweb.com/seattle/article.asp?ArticleID=553&ArticleType=11 ), "Preliminary Growth Charts for Breastfed Babies" ( http://www.promom.org/bf_info/growth.html ), "Your Baby's Rise Through the Charts" ( http://breastfeed.com/resources/articles/rise.htm ) Posted by: Kate's Dad at June 14, 2004 01:21 AM
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