June 25, 2004

Getting Around

For the past few weeks Kate has been able to to get herself from her to there by wriggling around like a little inchworm. Lucky for us I had the camera close by when we caught Kate's first attempts at crawling. At first I didn't even notice. I just noticed that the lid from her Fisher-Price Brilliant Basics™ Baby’s First Blocks was stuck to the heel of her foot as she was moving along. As soon as it set free I noticed that she was on her hands and knees moving forward. She's still working on her technique, but in the meantime she's been doing pretty well getting around on her own. She's definitely keeping me and Ken on our toes. Her new mobility brings new adventures for her. She loves finding her way to magazines so she can crumple them and tear them into little pieces page by page.
Posted by Jean-Marie at June 25, 2004 08:40 PM
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