September 04, 2004

Waiting For Frances

As we waited and waited and waited for Hurricane Frances to near the east coast of Florida we resorted to more indoor rather than outdoor play. We read books, stacked blocks, played music and did whatever we could to pass the time and wear Kate out for a good night's sleep. Here are a few pictures of Kate standing. She's been standing more and more these past few weeks. She hasn't taken any steps without holding on to furniture, but it does look like she could do it if she decided to make the bold move.

In the first picture Kate is picking up her favorite book of late, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo. We must've read this one about 30 or 40 times these past 3 days. Kate also really enjoys it because we let her turn the pages on cue.

In the second picture Kate is wondering when this silly little hurricane is going to pass because it's definitely time for a manicure. All of this indoor play has been doing a number on her nails.

In the third picture dad promises to read her Chugga Chugga Choo Choo another 5 times to keep her mind off being locked indoors.

If you can't play outdoors you may have to bring the outdoors to you. Here's Kate playing with her Playskool Walk 'N Ride. We're not sure which way she likes it best -- as a walker to cruise around from room to room or as a car being pushed by mom or dad from room to room. We like the walker since the car tires us out much more than it does her. We're just waiting for her legs to get a little bit longer so she can push herself around.

By the way, the pictures may seem a little dark since the house has been completely shuttered since Thursday, September 2. Shutters don't let much light in, which adds to growing the feeling of being stir-crazy. Let's hope for better days this holiday weekend. But I sure am thankful that our power has continued to hold in there through all of the gusts of hurricane winds.
Posted by Jean-Marie at September 4, 2004 10:56 PM
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Glad you all made it through Hurricanes Charley and Frances ok. We're gearing up for Ivan -- hope that goes well for you also. Posted by: Cat at September 11, 2004 11:32 AM
Sounds like you got it much worse from both hurricanes than we did. We've been very lucky so far, and we hope that Ivan doesn't break that lucky streak. Although the track doesn't show Ivan hitting South Florida everyone here is still very concerned. Many homes, including ours, still have their shutters up just in case. Hopefully we'll all make it through Ivan without too much issue. Posted by: Jean-Marie at September 11, 2004 05:39 PM
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