October 10, 2004

Kate's First Birthday Party

We've added the first batch of pictures from Kate's birthday party to the album, but there will be more to come. We'll make another post as soon as the new ones are added.

Before you wonder too long about all of the different hats on some of the guests' heads first you should read the invitation:

Our little Kate
Is turning one.
We're having a Hat Party.
It'll be so much fun.

Dress for lunch
In semi-casual attire.
But don't forget your hat
For all to admire.

Not sure which to wear?
Then follow greats,
From The Cat in the Hat's stripes,
To Carmen Miranda's grapes.

Join us at One
At Wolfgang Puck Grand Cafe.
We can't wait to see you
In your bowler, fez or Parisian beret.

Kate had a great time although she appeared to be very serious, even in these pictures. She was taking in the whole scene -- the guests, the hats, the cake, everything.

For the kids that attended we put a foam puzzle mat and toys on the floor in the center of the room. Not only did it give the kids a special play area, but it also allowed the guests to enjoy Kate and her friends having fun.

For the adult guests we had Ray Russotto, a caricature artist and cartoonist, sketch portraits of them. He was great! And everyone really seemed to like him as well as his artistic ability. You can see the portrait he did of my dad in the mix of pictures. We'll be sure to add the ones of me and Ken and Kate with the next batch of pictures.

Download PDF version of the menu and games
The guests also played "mental" games for prizes. There was a Baby Match Up, where you had to match the baby with show or movie, a Baby Word Scramble and a multiple choice Kate Quiz. The third question nearly stumped everyone. Lastly, we asked guests to write a caption for a cute little picture of Kate. The winning caption was,"Look at all these funny hats!" To see the PDF version of the menu and games we handed out to the guests click here.

The highlight of the party for me was watching Kate have her first taste of sugary birthday cake. Luckily she didn't make too much of a mess. She cried (the only time she cried during the whole party) when we tried to put her in her chair. She was much more interested in socializing then sitting in her chair. So instead she sat on daddy's lap and I held the cake while everyone sang. She made an icky face with her first taste but she still continued to dip her little fingers in. Once her interest was in the cake we were able to put her in her chair. She also really liked the little Elmo on her mini cake. At one point she even leaned over to give him a kiss.
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