January 08, 2005

Christian's Jeep

These pictures were taken Thanksgiving weekend. Kate had just finished her nap. And I had just finished decorating the tree inside. We both came outside to inspect dad's outdoor decorating work and see if there was anything we could help with.

Then, all of a sudden a little boy came speeding down the sidewalk in his little red Jeep. Kate was so excited to see him that she did, what Ken and I like to call, her Incredible Hulk pose. She stiffens her arms down and curls them under and shakes with excitement.

His grandma saw how excited Kate was and suggested he take her for a ride. Kate had the best time! Christian enjoyed himself too. He wasn't disappointed that he had to drive a baby around one bit. A little sister was on her way for Christian, and this was good practice. He probably would've done it for hours if he didn't have a Chucky Cheese party to attend.

As a side note, the holiday decorations were a real treat for Kate. Every night we would drive around the neighborhood in her little red car and check them out. Our community is very festive. I would point out all the leading characters on the lawns and tell her different things about them.

I would tell her the story about Rudolph. Explain that we put bright decorations on the lawn so Santa could see the houses from his sleigh up above. And give her the lowdown on the big bearded man, down to his, "Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!" In no time at all Kate was pointing to every Santa she saw saying, "Ho Ho Ho!" I guess it was only fitting that we put a 8 ft. inflatable Santa in our yard. Kate was keeping a close eye on Dad as he installed it on the lawn that day.

But as much as she liked the idea of Santa, she wanted nothing to do with the one at the mall. This was picture Ken took of Kate leaning the exact opposite way of Santa one the day he arrived at the mall. I took her back to see him a few more time thoughout the holiday season. She got a little better in his presence. She still wouldn't sit on his lap but at least she would look at him. Once, she even pointed from her stroller and said, "Ho Ho Ho!"
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 8, 2005 09:49 AM
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