January 24, 2005

Kate's First Slumber Party

Ken was away all last week on business. The girls were left alone to fend for themselves. And what better way to play when dad is away than to have an all girl slumber party? My friend Kristen and her 19 month old daughter Jillian joined us for the fun. After lunch at McDonald's and a quick nap we headed off to The Little Gym for a class that both the girls really enjoyed.

Although Kate had attended a trial The Little Gym class two weeks earlier, this was her first official class in the semester. The trial class was such a big hit with Kate that we signed up until June without any hesitation. She loved the songs, the tumbling and playing along side other kids her age. As soon as she saw one little girl scurrying into the classroom she was game. I couldn't take my shoes off fast enough to follow her into the room.

I digress. Our fun little class worked up a big appetite, so dinner was next on the agenda. And what slumber party is complete without pizza? Okay, well Kristen and I had pizza and the girls had pasta. But everyone was happy. Once we got home it was bathtime and then bedtime.

These are some pictures of the girls ready for bed. Kate is channel surfing and Jillian is playing with stickers. The two are quite a pair. The next morning they both wanted to be put into Jillian's Pack N Play. Who knows why? But they looked so cute I took a picture anyway.

And lastly here are some shots of the girls at McDonald's.

I'm disappointed that I forgot to bring the camera to The Little Gym to take a few pictures of the girls in their class. It probably would've been too distracting, though, for the other families. I'm looking forward to family week at the end of the semester so Ken can take some pictures and video. Kate will be so proud to show off her new moves for dad.

Anyway, we had so much fun at our slumber party with Jillian and Kristen that we can't wait to do it again soon.
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 24, 2005 11:34 PM
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I thought the really tired Wiggles photos were cute... but the first slumber party pix are the best! Posted by: Jerri at January 25, 2005 08:49 PM
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