March 12, 2005

Kate's First Movie

On Wednesday, February 23 ( I know, Joey. I'm a little behind on posts.) I took Kate to see her first "movie theatre" movie: Pooh's Heffalump. Ken and I had tried to tag Kate along for Shrek 2 last August but it was a movie more for us than for our 10 month old. Anyway, the Heffalump was a pretty big hit. Kate hadn't been a big Pooh fan before this, but now she definitely recognizes Pooh and all of his 100 Acre Wood friends.

It was 68 minutes long and just right for a 16 1/2 month old. The big screen, the child-like voices of Roo and Lumpy and the Carly Simon soundtrack kept Kate riveted in her stroller for the first half of the movie. She also snacked on some cheerios and water. But by the second half, she was ready to get up and move a little. It's crazy to think a toddler could sit still that long.

She continued to watch the second half of the movie but sometimes it was in my lap or in the seat next to me or standing in the aisle. It got a little tricky when she wanted to sit next to me. The seats were typical movie seats that sprung close when you stood up. Kate's weight wasn't enough to keep it open, so I had to hold the seat down while she was in it. Every once in a while when she would try to stand up in the seat I would have to reach to spot her from falling. Then all of a sudden I would loose grip of her seat. It would spring up, and she would slide down the crack. Once, she lost a shoe. Luckily there was only a set of grandparents and a preschooler in the theatre with us at 5:50p on a Wednesday.

It seems like a lot of activity for a pleasurable viewing but we really did have a good time. Kate was fascinated by the big screen movie, and I really enjoyed watching her.

The picture is of Kate watching the movie in her stroller. Can you see the focus and interest? I know. You can't see much of anything. It's an awful picture that I took with my Sony Erikson z500 phone. You can't expect too much in the pitch black movie theatre though. I figured it, along with theatre ticket, was a fun memento to post anyway.
Posted by Jean-Marie at March 12, 2005 11:44 PM
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