March 13, 2005

Kate's First Trip To The Zoo

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Last weekend (March 5) we took a trip to the Palm Beach Zoo. We had a blast! We visited all of the animal exhibits, and then we watched Kate play in the fountain.

Kate had a few favorite animal exhibits. The birds were a big hit because they made so much noise. Kate had fun imitating them. We were all mesmerized by the Bengal tiger that strolled back and forth right in front of us. The new black bear exhibit had just opened and Kate was ready to jump in and play with them. She kept trying to climb out of dad's arms and over the railing. Although they were huge, she wasn't the least bit frightened by them.

The other really memorable times were watching the peacocks and roosters roam freely among the zoo guests. Kate and I stopped to watched a rooster peck the ground for food. When the rooster let out a BIG "cock a doodle doo" Kate jumped in my arms. The sound alarmed her at first but then she thought it was pretty cool.

We didn't get any pictures of the animal exhibits but we got tons of Kate playing in the fountain. Unless Kate is in a contained safe area it's pretty hard to take pictures of her anymore. She gets faster and more inquisitive with each day.

Kate befriended one little boy that was born only a few days before her. She really liked his Mardi Gras beads...and his cookie. She tried to take his cookie away. After I ran over to give her her own cookie, she tried to feed it to the little boy. They were very cute!

Kate thought the fountain was watch. She would stand there, watch it, then quickly run away from it. She never purposely got wet. Ken took a video with his phone of her running away. Too funny!

Posted by Jean-Marie at March 13, 2005 01:21 AM
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