March 29, 2005

Easter Weekend

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Easter weekend we went to the west coast of Florida to visit Kate's great grandmother Ellen (a/k/a Omi) and her husband Jay. Omi means grandma in German. Since Ken calls her Omi we decided it was easier to stick with that name than to come up with something new for Kate.

Anyway, this was a weekend of many firsts for Kate. She enjoyed her first sleep over trip as well as her first Easter Egg hunt.

On Saturday, Omi's community hosted Breakfast with the Bunny followed by some fun indoor activities and the big outdoor Easter Egg Hunt. Kate really couldn't have had much more fun.

After meeting the bunny at the mall for the first time, Kate was too excited to see him again for breakfast. She wanted to be where the bunny went. She couldn't wait to finish her meal, so she could jump out of her seat and follow him around. And unlike the meeting at the mall, she was all to happy to be held and hugged by the bunny. And she couldn't stop blowing kisses to him. I believe she may now be the Easter bunny's biggest fan.

I was surprised to see how well Kate did at the Easter Egg hunt, with my help of course. Kate and I did do a few practice hunts around the house a few days before, but it was still pretty remarkable how well she understood the concept of picking up eggs and putting them in her basket after I hunted them.

Last year at Easter, right about the time Kate had just learned how to sit up on her own, I predicted Kate would be hunting eggs in 2005. What a difference a year makes!
Posted by Jean-Marie at March 29, 2005 12:55 AM
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