April 10, 2005

The Pink and Purple Bike Club

Last week Kate turned 18 months old. As a little coming-of-age gift Ken and I got Kate her first tricycle. Buying a trike is no easy task. I did lots of research online. The trikes that got great reviews were the Kettler tricycles. Some of them are quite pricey but I considered that they might be worth it for safety and durability. They are German engineered with Parental Control Steering Lock Systems with Auto Freewheel designs.

I tell you all this because when we went to ToysRUs on Saturday I was really hyped up to finally see one of these trikes in person and to let Kate give it a try. Well when we pulled down one of Kettler's Kiddio Supertrikes from the top shelf, Kate really had no interest. She had the same lackluster response to the Radio Flyer trikes as well.

Now I know she had been really wanting a bike for some time, so her disinterest was a little confusing. Anytime Kate would see a bicycle parked in front of someone's yard in the neighborhood she would scurry over to try climb aboard. Kate particularly likes the shiny pink and purple bikes of these two cute little sisters that live a few houses down.

So I guess I shouldn't have been surprised when Kate let out an "ah!" when Ken pulled down the Disney Princess Canopy Trike. This bike was the smaller version of all of the other bikes in our neighborhood. It was pink and purple and had sparkly stickers and handlebar streamers.

How foolish I was to think Kate would want a German engineered three-wheeling machine. Of course she would want the trike furthest from my list. I'm not much into princesses and barbies. But if she was that excited about the froufrou princess mobile, then of course we had to get it.

So late last night Ken put together Kate's first bike. And this morning after breakfast we let her find it with the same enthusiasm she had shown the day before. We took it for a spin at the park, and Kate loved every minute of it...especially ringing the bell. She smiled proudly as we passed the two 10-year old girls taking a rest on a bench with their purple and pink bikes on the ground next to them. She was part of the inner circle.

And I have to say so far I really like the purchase too. I've only read great reviews about the trike online. I love that it has a push bar rather than a pole or, god forbid, nothing at all. It makes it so easy, almost enjoyable, to push Kate around. I also love that it has a canopy for shade and a 3-point harness for safety. And the foot rests are great since Kate can't quite reach the pedals yet. The best part, though, is that we got it on sale. How can you beat $59.99 for a fancy little canopied princess mobile?

Enjoy the pictures of Kate's first trike ride at the park.
Posted by Jean-Marie at April 10, 2005 10:37 PM
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Kate- I just looked out the window and see you on your new bike!! You are so cute!! I am really going to miss watching you grow up... Posted by: Joey at April 11, 2005 10:19 AM
Sign us up! We would like to be part of the new biker club. Maybe we could ride over to the McDonalds for a little lunch! :) Posted by: Kristen at April 12, 2005 02:29 PM
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