June 04, 2005

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Kate had her first Little Gym end-of-semester class on Thursday. Being the first, it was very exciting for us. Although we invited a handful of family to attend this special class, the bad weather made it difficult for anyone to travel. Luckily Uncle John (my brother) battled the weather to join me and Ken to cheer Kate on.

Every class starts with mat exercises: walking, running, jumping, stretching and rolling. This particular class also included parachute play. I'm not sure if it's the bright, colorful parachute or all of the silly adults in a circle singing and smiling, but Kate loves this activity. Sitting on top of it is almost as fun as running under it. And everyone participated. See Uncle John in the green shirt lifting the chute?

Lately one of Kate's most favorite things to do is hang. Wherever there's a bar you'll find Kate hanging. Ken and I call her our little monkey, which usually results in Kate making monkey sounds.

The other thing Kate really enjoys is an obstacle course. Anything that requires reaching, climbing and crawling is fun for her. Unfortunately that can also include scaling countertops, furniture, walls and safety gates.

I love these two pictures. Here's Kate upside down on the bar. And here's Kate getting ready for her dismount. She may be a little discombobulated after being upside down but she still looks at the camera. What a ham, right?

And every class ends with balls, bells and bubbles. Since we had a little award ceremony for this class, we didn't have bubbles this time around. Too bad too, because I'm sure Uncle John would've really enjoyed chasing and popping those bubbles. Maybe next time.

Kate didn't really understand the whole medal ceremony, but after a little inspection she thought it was pretty cool anyway.

Finally, here's a picture of our little gymnast sitting with her fellow gold-medalist Ava at the end of class. Watch out Olympics! Here they come.
Posted by Jean-Marie at June 4, 2005 11:11 PM
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I love the little pink leotard. Too cute!! After seeing those gym moves I think that you should definitely go for the sparkling star leotard for the next performance. Jillian and I can't wait to come over and "hang" out :) See you soon! Posted by: Kristen at June 5, 2005 11:40 AM
Hi Ava! I hope I will go to gym too soon (I am not sure there is in Paris). You look pretty gifted! Ava from France Posted by: ava pearl at June 21, 2005 05:18 PM
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