June 08, 2005

More Kate and Jillian Playtime

While Ken was away on another business trip Kristen and Jillian came over for another sleepover visit. These are pictures of Kate and Jillian playing on Kate's swing set early one morning after breakfast. It's been hot, muggy and wet here. To make our lives easier Kristen and I left Kate and Jillian in their PJs to play. It was one less outfit for them to get dirty quickly.

It was so muggy, in fact, that my camera lens fogged up on the fist picture I took of the girls on the swings. It was such a cute picture that I tried my best to correct it with Photoshop.

This visit was also the first time Kate (or Jillian) ever rode the Small Fry Choo Choo without Mommy. They both were such big girls riding the train alone. Another little girl decided she wanted to join them in their passenger car. Kate thought she might be a stowaway so she asked to see her ticket. :-)
Posted by Jean-Marie at June 8, 2005 12:09 AM
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