September 16, 2005

Sesame Street Live! (or Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain!)

Rounding out our week-long vacation with daddy, Kate, Ken and I went to the Sesame Street Live! production of Elmo's Coloring Book. Kate had a lot of fun but I personally don't think it was as fun as the Winnie The Pooh - Disney Live! show. First, they wouldn't let the kids dance or hang out in the aisles of the theatre like they did at the Disney show. Although, Ken did take a picture of Kate breaking that rule. :-) Oh well. That's why we got aisle seats. Who can expect a squirmy toddler to seat for that long? Second, this show had A LOT less audience participation activities than Winnie The Pooh. And lastly, they had a lot more technical difficulties.

For example, all of the colors disappear on Sesame Street and the curtain is supposed to open to show us a colorless Sesame Street. The curtain only opens a crack...too small to see anything Then they use this machine of some sort to bring all the colors back. The machine is powered up and miraculously all of the colors reappear. The curtain is still only open just a crack. Not only did we not see a colorless Sesame Street but we never saw the colors reappear. This curtain problem happened too many times to count. And it was much worse when the characters were singing and dancing and talking behind the curtain and we saw nothing.

But the best was when the wrong curtain opened and there was a stagehand standing there like a deer in headlights backstage with all of the props and set pieces. Thank goodness Kate is too young too realize or understand. But the show definitely lost it momentum at times and left Kate a little more restless than the Disney show.

Ken took a few pictures during the show, which I'm sure was probably breaking some type of "flash photography" rule. They had lots of rules for this show (although it was in the same theatre as the last show). I also took a picture of Kate holding her Elmo next to a stand-up Elmo in the lobby before the show. She doesn't look very enthusiastic but that's because she was much more interested in getting into the theatre than standing around taking pictures. And I also took a picture of Kate in the backseat of the car after the show. She was playing with some streamers that shot out of the sky during the show's big finale. She's so silly sometimes. And what a ham to pose for the camera.

We purchased the CD of the original Elmo's Coloring Book soundtrack at the show. Did I also mention that Elmo sings very little throughout the show? Oscar the Grouch gets more stage time. Anyway, we play the CD often in the car. Actually we play one song over and over and over again in the car. Kate loves the song, A New Way To Walk. For the Sesame Street set, you may have seen the song featured on the show with Destiny's Child singing it. In the show, however, it is sung by the Palettes. We listen to it "again" and "again" and "again."
Posted by Jean-Marie at September 16, 2005 10:41 PM
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