October 01, 2005

Auto Parts Shopper (or Pooh-dar)

On our way to dinner we did a quick stop at the auto parts store for some antifreeze for Ken's car. Watching Kate shop in the auto parts store was so hilarious that I had to take a few pictures. First, she's been on this sunglasses kick lately, so she always wants to wear them. Second, she had just gotten a Barbie birthday card from Omi with Barbie jewelry stickers in it. This is why she had cute, little stickers all over her body and clothes.

She looked like she should have been shopping for the latest fashions at a Baby Bloomies, not motor oil at Advance Auto Parts.

Anyway, this was my favorite part...

Strolling along, looking down each aisle Kate calls out, "Daaaadddddyyyy? Where are you? Daaaadddddyyyy? Where are you?"

Then she squeals in delight, "OH!"

I catch up to her to see what the "OH!" was all. She had found a Winnie the Pooh steering wheel cover. I suppose she thought it would be perfect for Daddy's automobile. Then she stops off at the candy fixture to make a selection before *trying* to make her final purchase.

Could she be any more girly girl?
Posted by Jean-Marie at October 1, 2005 08:58 PM
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Your daughter is a doll!! I found your site through babyzone.com.. it's so cute! :) Posted by: Katey at October 8, 2005 01:29 AM
Nice pics :) I was looking for sites who want to take my link (all babyrelated sites) greetz from Holland Posted by: Alex at November 13, 2005 10:31 AM
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