October 20, 2005

Ava's Party of Five

Just 3 weeks after Kate's birthday is Ava's birthday. To celebrate the big ocassion, Ava's mom Becca hosted a private lunch party at Rainforest Café today. "The jungle" is one of Ava's favorite places.

The girls really enjoyed themselves. They had fun playing with the party favor that Becca selected for them -- a playset of all the Rainforest Café character animals. Of course there were times were Kate preferred Ava's exact set of characters to hers and Ava's crayons to hers, but we worked it out. I sat between them.

After our meal and dessert, Ava and Kate visited the fountain. Kate asked for "pennies" to toss in. And threw them in she did, willingly and quickly. Ava held onto hers for safe keeping.

Before leaving the mall, Ava opened her gift. Well, I think Kate may have opened Ava's gift, but Ava didn't seem to mind the help. Of course as soon as Kate saw the gift she wanted to "open it, open it, open it." I promised her that we would visit with Ava again soon to help her play with her new gift. Kate's really looking forward to our next playdate with Ava.
Posted by Jean-Marie at October 20, 2005 11:37 PM
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