December 19, 2005

Kate and Jillian At The Playground

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Today Kristen and Jillian stopped by for a play date at the playground. Since Kristen's birthday is only a few days away Kate and I surprised her with a little impromptu celebration which included a small banner, a few gifts and birthday cake. The girls enjoyed eating cake together at Kate's table and then entertaining Kristen with some tunes on the piano.

Kate and Jillian also exchanged Christmas gifts. We got Jillian a Cinderella dress-up set -- dress, shoes, tiara and wand. (Since I'm a little late making this post I can also say that I know Jillian has slept in her dress at least once since getting it.) Kate received a cute little Ariel jogging set and faux CD player and CDs, which she loves. You can see the player in this picture slung over her arm and the CDs in her hand while she's playing the piano. We've already had to change the batteries once since getting it. (I can say that since I'm really posting this in February...boy am I behind!)

So after cake and gifts we headed out to the playground for more excitement. Kate and Jillian had a blast playing together. It's too bad that Kristen and Jillian live a couple of hours away. They're so much fun to play with. We wish we could see them more often.

We only had "trouble" twice during our playground visit. The first time was when a little boy decided to bother the girls on the slide. They pretty much ignored him but it was hard to do since he kept working them for some attention. It didn't seem to get his mom's attention much either. Hmmm? I wonder why he's like that?

And the second time was when Kate decided to take Jillian and make a run for it. Jillian kept pausing and looking back at Kristen. She knew she was up to no good. Kate on the other hand just kept running...until...I yelled to her that she was heading to Crocodile Lake (a map location from Dora the Explorer). At that point she dropped to the ground, reached out and whined to Mommy to come and get her. Jillian, like a good friend, followed along. I don't think she knew what to make of Kate's shenanigans.

Following our outing I made a little Shutterfly book out of our playground pictures entitled Jillian and Kate At The Playground. I purchased 2 copies: one for Kate and one for Jillian. It's one of Kate's favorite reads. She can practically recite it from memory at this point. She also loves watching the short little videos I made of the girls clowning around...and in some cases...around and around and around. :-)
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