December 26, 2005

Christmas Day

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We arrived home pretty late after our Christmas Eve celebration. Everyone was very sleepy, even Santa's elves. Luckily all of the presents were wrapped, and the only real labor that needed to be done was the assembly of Kate's new kitchen.

So after we all bathed and got ready for bed we only had one last, imperative thing to do: leave out some cookies and chocolate milk for Santa and a carrot each for the reindeer. Kate and I set it up but it was Kate's job to select the location of where to put the tasty treats. She was very certain that it should be at the dining room table in front of a chair so Santa could sit and eat. I guess she wanted him to take a load off during his long, busy night.

Christmas morning was so thrilling. First we checked to see if the snacks had been eaten and of course they had. Oh! The big man was here! And then when Kate saw the goodness...the excitement. She was so overwhelmed that she didn't notice any one gift in particular, like the big kitchen sitting in front of her. Here she is checking out a Dora backpack and she still doesn't notice the kitchen. Look how excited she is over the backpack.

One of her favorite gifts was this cash register. The little microphone really works. Kate and I enjoy keeping Daddy busy with "price checks." And Kate just loves to give everyone change whether they purchase something or not.

And finally...the kitchen. Wow. Is this for me? And it has a phone. Maybe I should give Santa a call right now and let him know how great this whole Christmas thing is. And there was food for the fridge, even bacon. Salt and pepper. Check. Boiling water. Check. Ice cream. Check. We're all set.

Other exciting gifts included princess gear. So now Kate can get all gussied up, go to the supermarket, use the self-check out aisle and be a happy shopper. Using that cash register, though, is some pretty serious stuff.

And once Kate's gifts were all open, it was time to help Mommy open her gifts. What's this? An emergency window breaker? year I'll have to let Santa know that a princess dress for Mommy would be so much more lovely.

Finally, present fatigue began to set in and it was time for a nap before a visit from Grandpa John and Uncle John later that day.

Thank goodness for that nap because Grandpa John, Margot and Uncle John came with even more gifts. Kate and Mommy opened a castle from Margot. Kate really dug it because it was all part of that princess/Cinderella castle theme. But apparently toys aren't only for the kids. Grandpa John and Daddy enjoyed playing with Kate's new castle as well.

Uncle "Prince Charming" John had some good bonding time with Kate. They made each other laugh the whole night. And he even helped her put on her glass slippers. By the way, glass slippers are this season's "it" shoe. As a matter of fact, tiara, wand and slippers should be a staple in every girl's wardrobe. Oh and maybe a backpack too.

And finally we were back to the cash register. Everyone got change. Margot. Grandpa John. But from the look on Kate's face I believe we may need a another price check, Daddy.

The holiday season was just so much fun this year. Between the decorations and the trip to Disney and visiting with family and watching Kate "get it," I just can't imagine it can get much better than this.
Posted by Jean-Marie at December 26, 2005 11:38 AM
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