January 04, 2006

A Fond Farewell to Little Gym

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Yesterday was Kate's end of semester show at The Little Gym. After a year of attending The Little Gym I decided not to reregister Kate, so we could try out some other new and exciting classes together. Don't get me wrong. We loved the Little Gym and I would highly recommend it. And this isn't to say we won't go back to Little Gym some time in the future. I just wanted to diversify and try some new things with Kate in 2006.

But in the meantime, Kate had a great time at her end of semester show. There was climbing, running, jumping, rolling, making bunny ears and parachute play. And when playtime was over, it was time for the medals. Each kid was supposed to jump off the spring board, run down the mat and step up on the platform mat to receive a medal. Jen, the teacher even tried to get them all to stand in a line with their medals, but you know how 2-year olds are. Actually, the girls were a little bit better at taking direction than the boys.

Kate was so proud of her medal. She showed it off to Grandpa and Daddy (with video camera in tow). She showed it off to other classmates: Chad and Katie. And she showed it off to me. Here we are admiring all of the different flags etched into the medal. Then we finished class off with bells, bells, bells.

Bye bye Little Gym. We've had some fun!
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 4, 2006 03:18 PM
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