January 13, 2006

Train Ride with Grandmom

Earlier this week while Ken was away on a business trip, Grandmom took the Tri-Rail from Palm Beach to Broward to visit me and Kate. We picked grandmom up at the train station, went to lunch, played at the playground and spent some time together. We had a lot of fun, but it didn't stop there. Instead of just dropping grandmom off at the train station later that day, we rode with her to the Tri-Rail's last stop in Palm Beach, then dropped grandmom off at her stop on the way back and returned home in time for dinner, a bath and a really good night's sleep.

This I would say this was Kate's first real train ride. It's no Amtrak, but it's also no Small Fry Choo Choo at the mall. She really enjoyed the ride. In fact we took the ride with Grandmom at Kate's prompting. Only thing is the ride may have been a little too long so late in an exciting day with no nap. Kate was ready to get off at each stop along the way, especially Grandmom's.
Posted by Jean-Marie at January 13, 2006 01:18 AM
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