April 17, 2006

Breakfast With The Bunny

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We had so much fun last year during our Easter weekend that we couldn't wait to visit Omi and Jay again this year. All of the Breakfast with the Bunny activities were pretty much the same as last year. This year, though, because Kate is one year older, we had even more fun.

Kate wasn't as preoccupied with the Easter Bunny this year during breakfast, but she was more than happy to spend some time with him and take a few pictures.

While I was on the camera, Ken was on the video camera. Ken got some great video footage, especially when Kate gave the bunny a kiss and saw "inside" the bunny. She made a little jump, turned around and gave Ken and the camera a very strange face. Oddly she never said a word about what she saw or what she thought she saw. And she never showed any concern or anxiety over the bunny after that. But you can tell that she definitely saw something very odd.

After breakfast we went to the activities hall where they hosted a bean bag toss, cookie decorating and flower making. Afterwards, we took pictures of Kate with me, me and Ken, Omi and Omi and the bunny. We were passing the time before the big hunt, the highlight of this year's fun.

Kate really cleaned up at the Easter Egg Hunt. She took off so fast that Ken had a hard time keeping up with her with the video camera. I was surprised at what a great job she did collecting her eggs this year with such little help. Look at all of those eggs! Omi was proud.

After all of the morning excitement was over, we headed back to Omi's to open presents the Easter Bunny had left while we were away and to eat some lunch before heading off to our nap. Kate was good and tired after all that exercise.
Posted by Jean-Marie at April 17, 2006 08:48 PM
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