May 03, 2006

Summer's here...well...almost

This past weekend, we bought a mini inflatable pool for Kate to play in. May is perfect weather for the pool because it's not too hot and definitely not cool. It's just right.

Kate did some solo pool play as well as had some fun with her friend Ava and Ava's little brother Ethan. While Ava would sit happily and play in the pool the whole time, Kate didn't seem to be much of a pool person. She was in and out, in and out.

At one point she was out but on the ground leaning over the side of the pool. She must have lost her balance and tipped over...and in...head first. After getting over the initial shock, she decided it was a lot of fun falling in and tried to replicate it. She wasn't very successful.

Then, the girls took turns jumping into the pool and trying to make a big splash. Kate isn't much of a canonballer either, but she had a lot of fun trying. And I had a lot of fun watching her wear herself out. Speaking of wear herself out, Kate also enjoyed emptying the pool bucket by bucket watering the dry patches of the grass. Chalk that up to another good idea from mom. :-)
Posted by Jean-Marie at May 3, 2006 11:42 PM
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