May 17, 2006

Mommy & Me Graduation Day

Today was graduation day for Mommy & Me. Most Mommy & Me classes consisted of playing, painting, singing, dancing, snacktime and playground time. Kate's favorite parts were singing, snacktime and playground. The singing and dancing part is a given. Kate's sings most of the day, even if some of the songs are made up.

The last song of Mommy & Me is the goodbye song. At the end all of the kids run up to Ms. Jane to give her a big goodbye hug. Their admiration for Ms. Jane is just too cute for words.

Snacktime's big highlight for Kate is drinking out of a little cup. She doesn't really care much about the snack. She just loves drinking out of that little cup. She would be full to the brim of apple juice but always ask for's playground time.

I think playground time is fun time for most kids. This playground has the cuttest little pretend yellow school bus that the kids enjoy piling into. And Kate really loves riding a tricycle around the little path lined with miniature street signs.

We're sad to see Mommy & Me end, but Kate will be going to camp soon all by a (gulp) big girl . Wish us luck!
Posted by Jean-Marie at May 17, 2006 10:55 PM
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