July 07, 2006

A Visit To The ER

Hello Kate's mom. Kate has fallen. She hit her face and is bleeding. You need to pick her up and take her to your doctor.

This was kinda how the conversation went. I don't know exactly what was said. It was a big blur. All I heard was "face," "bleeding" and "doctor".

At first I wasn't concerned by the phone call because this was my second call and we're now only 5 weeks into camp. The first call was pretty harmless. Kate was bitten by "her friend" (very PC of them don't you think?). She had cried but was better after some ice and TLC from her teachers. The bite never broke the skin.

This call, though, was much more immediate. Come and pick her up and take her to the doctor? Thank goodness, I was already in my car doing a few errands on my way to pick up Kate. My first phone call after that was to Ken. I told him that this was much more serious than the last incident and to be available for my call when I get to the school.

At school Kate was in the director's office on her teacher Ms. Larissa's lap still hysterically crying. There was lots of blood, everywhere...in her hair...on her red shirt...on her sock (she had a shoe missing). The details of the incident were a little sketchy since no one but Kate actually saw what happened. It sounds like she tripped getting up from the table, lost her balance and her hit her head on the table. And somewhere in all of the confusion she lost her shoe...or maybe the shoe was the reason why she tripped. Who knows?

To make a long story short I told Ken that I needed him because the cut was significant enough for a trip to the ER and probably stitches. Considering this was the first incident of its kind I wasn't prepared to do it alone. Since Kate was still hysterical Ms. Larissa sat in the backseat with her while I drove to the ER. Another administrator followed in another car to bring Ms. Larissa back to school once we got checked into the ER.

I was so grateful Ms. Larissa was in the backseat. I have no idea how I would have been able to keep the ice/towels on Kate's face while I was driving and she was crying hysterically? It was hard enough as it was concentrating on just driving. Ms. Larissa was also doing a pretty good job calming Kate down now that I was there. She was going through a goody bag I pack every time I pick Kate up from camp. The bag usually include some sbnakcs and a little fun item. Today's fun item was non-spill Sponge Bob bubbles. I was so glad I brought them since they seemed to put Kate in much better spirits. And by the time we were all check in and waiting in the ER Kate was calm and eating her snacks. No sooner did Ms. Larissa and the administrator leave that Ken arrived right on cue.

Getting the five stitches were pretty painful. Although the nurse put lots of local anesthetic the whole experience was pretty scary. Kate had to be put in a papoose, which was more a straight jacket for little kids. And it was hard for her not to see the needle coming right towards her to stitch her up. Kate was scared and crying but not out of control. She listened to us as we spoke to her. By the fourth and fifth stitch she was doing better. And after it was all done she was great.

Here are pictures of her in the exam room before the stitches:

And here she is after the stitches:

Posted by Jean-Marie at July 7, 2006 10:41 PM
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Wow what a scary experience. My son, who is just a few weeks younger than Kate, fell from the top of a bunk bed in September. We had to make the same trip to the ER, with pretty much the same outcome as Kate's. He had to be pappoosed, which he was not happy about, and ended up with five stiches. Since I am the mother of three, I have made several trips to the ER. But it was my first with Mason. Pretty nerve racking, but I think I stayed pretty calm. Kudos to you mom (you too dad), it sounds like you came through with flying colors! Posted by: Joni at November 27, 2006 03:55 PM
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