July 08, 2006

Doctor Follow-up

I didn't sleep very easy after the drama of yesterday's event. I wanted to make sure we had done all that we could do to ensure that Kate's wound healed properly. Lucky for us our pediatrician's office is open on Saturdays and could fit us in for a visit. The doctor checked Kate out and said everything looked great. He thought the stitcher did a good job and we shouldn't have any healing problems. We just had to keep the wound clean and reapply a bandade with polysporin on it every day until the stitches came out.

Since the ER visit was still fresh in her mind Kate wasn't thrilled about the doctor poking around her cut. She did well, though, through the visit. And the doctor made her a chicken (medical glove)balloon for being so patient with him.

Afterwards we took Kate for a Happy Meal with a Pirates of the Caribbean toy inside. Too bad it wasn't an eye patch. Arggghhhh!
Posted by Jean-Marie at July 8, 2006 08:56 PM
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