July 22, 2006

It's a Blue's Clues Day! Hooray!

Well it's summer time, which also means it's time again for the Nicklelodeon Summer Reading Camp at Borders. This year we passed on the weekend that featured creepy Dora and instead opted to go the weekend that featured a book reading and meet and greet with every prechooler's favorite blue dog. Moms, dads and kids showed up in droves just like last year. And like last year, Kate patiently waited in line on her daddy's shoulders for her chance to meet Blue and get a Polaroid picture with her.

On a separate note...someone stood outside Border's front doors and distributed goody bags with a free book inside as part of our county's literacy campaign. I thought it was a great idea until I opened the bag and realized they were giving out copies of Call of the Wild to the 5 and under crowd. What a waste! And should I even mention that a canine (probably one of Blue's buddies) bites the...um...snow in this junior high must-read. That's quite a concept to explain to a preschooler, especially when we are still trying to understand where Steve is in the newer episodes of Blue's Clues and where Joe is in the older ones and why they can't just all play together.
Posted by Jean-Marie at July 22, 2006 09:39 PM
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My son loves Blue! He'd have loved to have met her like that. We'll have to watch for Blue visiting our area. Adorable pictures. Posted by: Nicola at February 19, 2007 03:02 PM
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