August 08, 2006

Kate and Max at My Jewish Discovery Place

Max is one of Kate's closest buds from camp. He's all boy and that's exactly what Kate loves about him. Now that camp is over we scheduled an impromptu playdate today with Max at the Soref JCC My Jewish Discovery Place Children’s Museum.

Kate's not Jewish, and Max is half, non-practicing Jewish. Max's mom Julia and I thought it might be a fun, different experience to try nonetheless. I don't think either of us would sing the highest praises of this museum or go out of our way to recommend it, but the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves with the variety of activities available to them. I think their favorites included dressing up, playing on the immigration ship, picking oranges at Kibbutz Discovery, shopping at the little market, sorting their market selections at the dinner table and pretending to be doctors at the Hadassah Hospital.

They both look pretty serious in the pictures I took, but sometimes pretend play just requires great focus and attention. :-) They defintely had fun and were very excited to see each other outside of camp.
Posted by Jean-Marie at August 8, 2006 12:11 AM
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