August 18, 2003

Guess Kate's Height, Weight and Birth Date

After Ken's Trick-or-Treat? post, my girlfriend Christina suggested something horrible: "What if Kate doesn't arrive in time for Halloween?" Certainly Kate could be a *little* late, but 18 days late? That would just be a cruel, cruel joke on this large-bellied pregnant woman.

Everywhere we go lately people are amazed that we still have 8 weeks to go. Everyone's guess is that Kate will definitely come early. Maybe it's because I'm a shorty and my belly just appears to look really big; or perhap it's because Kate's going to take after her very tall dad. Either way I just hope she comes out strong and healthy. And by the strength of her kung-fu kicks, I don't think we need to worry much about the strong part.

With that said, on Christina's suggestion we have set up a page where everyone can Guess Kate's Height, Weight and Birth Date. Just remember to be kind to this mother-to-be. The smaller, the sooner, the better. :-)

Posted by Jean-Marie at August 18, 2003 03:41 PM
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