September 15, 2005

First *Big Girl* Dentist Visit

More than a year ago Kate had her very first dentist visit. It was more in response to a teeth discoloration scare than anything, but the dentist took a good look to make sure everything was a-okay and developing correctly.

With Kate nearing 2, it was time for a big girl dentist visit with a big girl cleaning and examination. You'd think Kate would be fussy and cranky (like most dental patients) during the whole process but instead she was perfect. Not a whine. Not a cry. Mostly smiles.

The day before Kate's appointment both Ken and I had our own dental appointments. We brought Kate with us to witness the process: what happens and how it all works. I think this is why Kate cheerfully accepted her time in dentist chair.

Kate is still a little smaller than most of the office patients so she had to sit on daddy's lap and lean backwards into the hygienist's/dentist's lap. She was also too small for the sunglasses they provide to the children to keep them comfortable from the glaring light. So, we used her sunglasses instead. I ran to the car to get them and her Elmo puppet we brought along for the trip. I pulled out the Elmo puppet when the cleaning was nearly over and had him talking, clapping and cheering Kate on over daddy's shoulder for doing such a great job while getting her teeth cleaned. She thought it was just so fabulous that Elmo was there.

Kate was really good through the whole cleaning. I don't think I saw her wince once. She actually seemed to enjoy that suction device. It must of felt funny sucking out the water the hygienist was squirting in her mouth to clean off the paste.

After the cleaning, it was the dentist's turn. He said everything looked great. Whew! But can you believe it's already time to start flossing? To tell you the truth I haven't even tried to floss her teeth yet but I will. She sees me floss every night and often pretends with her own strand of floss but we haven't officially tried it yet.

Once the whole appointment was over Ken asked Kate, "Was that fun?" Her answer, "Yeah!"

And like Kate's very first dental appointment, even though this was a lot less traumatic for her, she (and baby doll) had a really good nap mommy and daddy's bed of course.
Posted by Jean-Marie at September 15, 2005 08:15 PM
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What a brave girl! Dominic wanted no parts of the dentist no matter how hard I bribed! Posted by: Christina at October 20, 2005 03:36 PM
hey there! I am a dental student in Malaysia and I would like to thank you for your detailed experience at the dentist. :) I needed these information for my PBL(Problem Based Learning) classes. Thanks!! Posted by: Jayelle at November 9, 2005 01:30 AM
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