October 24, 2006

Tuesday in the Park with Mimi

For her birthday, Kate got a couple of cool outdoor toys: a Little Mermaid scooter and a pair of Barbie rollerskates. I had promised to take Kate to a park to try them out as soon as we got the chance. Today was a gorgeous day and we were both in the mood for some outdoor play time. We called up Mimi in the morning to see if she wanted to join us as well. Everyone was on board so we packed the car, picked up Mimi and went to a park close to Mimi's house.

Kate got to play on the playground, as well as ride her bicycle, scooter and roller skates. She had tried her scooter around the house but this was the first time she gave her skates a whirl. She did a pretty good job. There were only a few falls, but she found them to be pretty humorous, especially when she tried to get up on her own.

Afterwards we drove to the park's nearby nature center to check out the exhibit and take a narrated ride on a covered boat through the mangroves. Kate had a great time and Mimi did her best to keep up with Kate. We're all going to sleep well tonight!
Posted by Jean-Marie at October 24, 2006 10:29 PM
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