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May 27, 2003

It's a GIRL!!!!

baby001.jpg baby002.jpg baby003.jpg baby004.jpg baby005.jpg

We're very proud to introduce you to Kate Elizabeth Maier.

Yes, today was the big day. Not only would we know that everything was happy and healthy for our little baby, but we would also find out if we would be parents to a beautiful baby boy or baby girl.

Apparently, the men in the family were in on the secret because they (Ken's dad, my dad and Ken) all guessed girl. The women, on the other hand, were completely off. We (my mom, my mimi and me) had all guessed boy.

Anyway, the ultrasound technician confirmed what my husband and the other men knew in their guts to be true....we are having a GIRL! And we couldn't be anymore excited.
Posted by Jean-Marie at 07:06 AM