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July 28, 2003

Decorating Kate's Room

With 11 more weeks to go before Kate arrives, my big upcoming to-do item is painting her room. We selected the color "Hopeful" from Behr for her walls. A trip to Home Depot is planned for this weekend to pick up the necessary paint and supplies and then I'll be off to work.

In the meantime, Jean-Marie has come up with a creative solution for decorating Kate's room. We did not want to paint directly on the wall and wanted something we could easily change as Kate grows. The solution was something we could personalize and have fun doing -- hand-painted framed canvases of Kate's name with with butterflies and flowers (it all matches her bedding and we hope the large letters will help her recognize her name). I snuck in a little painting on the letter "K", but Jean-Marie gets all the credit for the hard work -- she has done an excellent job painting!

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July 25, 2003

A Place for Feedings, Stories, Late Nights and Bonding

"Just one test glide and you'll know!" is what the Dutailier web site touts. They aren't kidding either.

Unfortunately, month after month we delayed the decision to put in our order for a glider and ottoman. There was sense of guilt for such a superfluous purchase. We...okay I...questioned whether the money would be better spent on Kate's college education or a down payment on her first car. But, after some real life contemplation, we finally put in our order last weekend.

We realized it might be stupid and a little too frugal for us not to make this "investment." Our glider would potentially provide a comfortable place for feedings and storytimes and long, late nights. Not only would Kate enjoy the quality time we would share bonding in this chair, but so would we. Who knows. Maybe the three of us will create such a history in this little chair that it will earn its place in the Smithsonian next to Archie's armchair

Now we wait 6 to 16 weeks for our delivery. Too bad too because my achy back and swollen tootsies could probably use a little bit of Dutailier comfort in the evenings.

Pictured above: The Dutailier glider model we ordered for baby Kate's room. Although we selected a neutral fabric for the glider cushions, it's a little darker than the fabric pictured. Two words: stain control. (Note: Since no flash photography is permitted inside this particular retail location, these images were obtained covertly by 007 Ken and his Nokia 3650).
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July 22, 2003

Third Time's A Charm

I failed to mention on my last update that the videotape from the second ultrasound still did not work. As soon as we got home, we tried the tape. It only gave us static.

It was a big bummer for me because in order to get good images of her face I had to get on my side and face away from the monitor. I could only hear all the 'oh's and 'ah's and 'look at her now's from the onlookers.

So, Ken called the diagnostic center and left a message. The next day they confirmed that there was problem with the machine. Ken was given the options of a partial refund or another appointment. Of course he preferred a videotape of his daughter. :-)

Now, after a third session, we have a videotape to cherish and a few more images, which I'll post here. If you ask for my opinion, I think Kate gets cuter and cuter with each passing day.
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July 14, 2003

Take 2

It's Monday and time for another fetal photo shoot. I think we woke Kate up with all the poking and moving, but luckily she was in much better spirits. Or maybe she figured out we wouldn't give up until she cooperated. Little did she know that we are as stubborn as she is.

These should be the last pictures we have of her until we meet her face to face in October. Only 13 more weeks to go!

July 11, 2003

Camera Shy Kate

Today was the big 4D ultrasound day. Not only would we be confirming that Kate was indeed a Kate, but we would also get really cool 3D pictures of our little bundle of joy to share with family and friends. Apparently though, Kate already has a mind and opinion of her own.

The good news is that Kate is a Kate, and Ken can get started on painting those nursery walls pinks as soon as he wants. The bad news is that Kate was in a shy, sleepy mood and did very little to cooperate with her fetal glamour shots shoot.

The session was supposed to last for about 30 minutes. We were there for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. Is this a foreshadowing of the many pictures to come with good 'ol Saint Nick? Hopefully, silly puppets and Ken's funny faces will work in our favor once she's out of the womb. In the meantime, we tried everything, from drinking a can of Mountain Dew and promising her ice cream later, to laying on each side to move her around and a room full of office staff cheering her on. In the end she was face down and completely ignoring any of our coaxing.

As you can see from the few images that we got, there's either a hand, a foot or two of each in front if her face. Perhaps she's meant to be a celebrity and just practicing her paparazzi pose.

There is more good news though...in addition to camera shy Kate working against us, so was the technology (go figure!). Because we came home with less than what we paid for they have us going back on Monday for more. Our CD of stills did not include the images you see posted in black and white. Fortunately we got printouts of those but the sepia digital images are much better quality. Also the 4D ultrasound (video) turned out blank because of some error.

We're definitely hoping that Kate is a bit more photogenic on Monday during the reshoot session.
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July 09, 2003

4D Ultrasound Scheduled

We've scheduled another ultrasound for this Friday -- this time it will be a "4D ultrasound" from Focus Imaging Group. The 4D ultrasound is actually a high quality 3D video (If you are interested, you can learn more about it on the GE Medical Systems 4D Ultrasound site).

We will be getting more advanced photos of Kate and a video which will post here, so stay tuned.
Posted by Ken at 03:22 PM